"The way from airport to our hostel (Academic hostel): Bus nr.2 from Airport to the Center (stop. A.Laikmaa) and trolleybus nr. 3 from center (stop:Kaubamaja) to Mustamдe (stop:Keemia). 1) Take Bus nr. 2 from the Airport ( drive will last ca 15min): NB! Please be sure that You wait on the right bus stop as there are two. The one You need is just on the right hand side when You leave the first exit from the Arrivals door. 2) Take trolleybus nr. 3 from the city center from ?Kaubamaja? stop to ?Keemia? stop (13th stop) PS After You exit bus nr. 2 cross the road and walk back a bit, turn right (around the corner) walk again a bit and if You see the first footpassengers cross?cross it and You should see trolleybuses or atleast people waiting.