Strategically located in the heart of St.Petersburg within business, cultural, shopping and entertainment areas, the ?Acme? hotel boasts a prime location on Malaya Morskaya street, 7 ? a recently reconstructed street, connecting Nevsky Prospect and St. Isaac's Square. Strolling along Nevsky prospect towards Admiralty and Palace square, turn to the left at the magnificent grey building with arched windows - the former bank of M.I. Wawelberg, today Air Communication Agency and Air Ticket Office. Go straight along the street on its odd-numbered side to the house 7, guided by the sign boards the café-bakery called ?Bushe?. This coffee-shop is situated on the ground floor, while the ?Acme? hotel - on the 5th floor of this 5-storey building. The entrance to the hotel is from the street; as soon as you find the a brown building door just under the address plaque , you'll see the coded lock and Acme hotel sign, either press 8* or the Acme hotel button, pull the door, go upstairs to the 5th floor or use an elevator and find the dark brown door in front of the elevator, thus you enter the hotel. Welcome!