We are located about 300 meters away from the bus and train stations (which are opposite each other)
If you are coming by train, turn right immediately as you walk out front entrance of train station. Follow the road and you will see McDonalds on your left. Continue straight ahead until you see the traffic light. Turn left at the light. That street is Auрros Vartu. After 20 meters you will see the hostel's sign on the left side of the street pointing across the street to us. Cross street there and enter through the arch (it?s the first arch on the right side). There is a sign in the courtyard which points to the hostel.
If you are coming by bus, turn right immediately as you walk out front entrance of bus station. Go up to the circle where buses and trolleybuses stop. You will see the train station directly in front of you. Then follow the same directions as listed above as if you came in by train.
If you are coming by plane, you have two options.
Take Bus No. 1 from the airport. With this bus you have to go to the last bus stop and you will be dropped near the bus and train stations. From there, simply follow the directions above.
If you decide to go by taxi you should keep in mind that you have to order a taxi by phone otherwise you will pay twice as much or more. So it is cheaper to buy a phone card in the airport and call a taxi then to catch it near the airport. You can also ask someone at the airport to order a taxi for you.