Apple Hostel Italy is located at:
Italyanskaya 12, St Petersburg, Russia
From Pulkovo 2: International Terminal
Two good public transportation from Pulkovo 2 are: city bus No. 13 (19 rubles) and mini-bus No. K3 (27 rubles). When you exit the airport, walk left and you will see the mini-buses queued on the curb closer to the building, and across the street is where the bus stops. Either will take you to metro station Moskovskaya.
At Moskovskaya, buy a metro token (22 rubles) and go on the Blue Line (No. 2) to the Gostiny Dvor metro station. When you emerge from Gostivy Dvor metro, you will be on the south side of Nevsky Prospect, the city's main avenue. Sadovaya Ulitzka (ulitzka is Russian for street) is to your right. You will walk past a large yellow building/shopping center that takes almost a city block. Near the end of that building you will find an underground walkway to use to cross to the other side of Nevsky Prospect. From here, walk north on Sadovaya until you reach the first cross street, which will be Italyanskaya.
On the corner will be a restaurant called Baku (looks like Baky). Our building is across the street on the northeast corner of Italyanskaya and Sadovaya. Turn right on Italyanskaya and walk approximately 30 meters until you reach a black iron gate. There are two number pads on the right; on the top number pad, press '22' and we will buzz you to push the gate open. Follow the path and signs to the right to reach the front door and come up three flights to the front door of Apple Hostel.
From Pulkovo 1 (Domestic/international terminal):
- Take a specia bus to the nearest metro station Moskovskaya, then follow the route above