The Elegy mini-hotel is located on the top floor of a 5-storey building (with an elevator), situated on the junction of Rubinsteina street and Grafsky lane, just a 3 minute walk from Nevsky prospect. The exact address is Rubinsteina street, 18/5. It?s a recently reconstructed dark red mansion with arched oriel windows. It? remarkable that there is Maliy Drama Theatre next door, so you will definitely notice its gorgeous facade adorned with columns and street lamps. The entrance to the hotel is from Rubinsteina street. You?ll see hotel?s sign boards on the building walls and there will be a brown building door with a coded lock. Press a button with the hotel sign, pull the door, go upstairs or use an elevator and find the dark brown door with the hotel logo to the right from the elevator, thus you enter the hotel. Welcome!