From airport Pulkovo-2 you can take buses 113, 213 and mini-buses K13, T113 for Moskovskaya metro. From airport Pulkovo-1 you can take mini-bus K39A for Moskovskaya metro. From Moskovskaya metro take subway to ?Sennaya Ploschad?. From airport Pulkovo-2 mini-bus K-3 goes to ?Metro Sadovaya/Sennaya Ploschad?. It goes from 7am till 11pm Ticket costs under 1 Euro. From Moscovskij train station you can take subway: go one stop on red line to Vladimirskaya, change to yellow line (Dostoyevskaya) - go one stop on yellow to Sadovaya. You are on Sennaya Ploschad. From Ladozhsky train station you go by subway 5 stops to Sennaya Ploschad. From Sennaya Ploschad (square) go along Sadovaya Street (along tram rail) toward Nevskiy Prospect; turn right on the intersection Sadovaya - Apraksin Lane (second intersection from Sennaya Ploschad). Approximately 50 meters down the Apraksin Lane on your right you will see a dark brown metal door (it will be second one from the corner) with a code lock. There is the sign above the door - Садовая 32/1 Assembly Sadovaya 32/1. Dial 170. Please contact the owner for more detailed instructions