The ?Acme? hotel is situated on the 2nd floor (according to the Russian, and 1st floor according to the European standards) of a 6-storey building on Rubinsteina street, 23, apartment 81. The entrance to the hotel is from the tree-lined yard, separated from the busy Rubinsteina street by an exquisite cast-iron railing adorned with gorgeous lamps. It? remarkable that there is the medical clinic called MAXAOH (Mahaon) on the ground floor of the same building and you?ll see its sign boards on the building walls ? so to enter the hotel, one should go through the yard, guided by these sign boards, and on your right there will be a brown building door with a coded lock. Press 1473#, push the door, go upstairs and find the dark brown door to the right from the elevator, thus you enter the hotel